Nodle - mining for IoT devices?!?

Nodle coin. Is this really safe to mine? Seriously, they are searching for every device on the planet kinda like a super angery IP scanner.

This is a subtitle on their site.
“Millions of IoT devices are already connected today via Nodle”

So does this mean that they are connected to my TV, Washer, Dryer, Headphones, and any other loT device?

I have to wonder what their real intention is.

Most crypto mining Scams or … “not so on the level” types of mining. (not referring to rig or equipment sales) Makes the bulk of there money by data mining. All the “mine from your phone” (almost all) apps are nothing more than that, they pay in crypto that they generated through interest based schemes from the capital they made by selling the information they sourced from your phone, while telling you that you are “mining”.
So when I hear about any mining operation that uses other devices besides actual mining devices this is my first thought. Google, Facebook and Twitter have made a lot money selling users info than most other sources, so it’s no surprise when scammers build on known legal scams. They are not actually scammers or criminals since we agree to the terms when we install such programs.

I’ll give you a perfect example of a legal scam. VISA who owns Silvergate Capital who owns has 100% access to any information you provide, all trade and deposit/withdraw history, anything. It’s in the terms of service under the phrase “Partners” . Now, do you believe VISA uses that information about you or turns it over to the US Gov/ IRS ?

I fall back on some wise words. “They’re all going to laugh at you.” (<that’s the joke version, the real version is they don’t care about you or your family or if you all burn to death, the insurance is worth more than your lives).

Reminds me of an active meme style study going down right now. Some dude turned off all of his electronics and said the word “Car” 1600 times in 1 day. The next day his google adds were filled with car sales. So he killed the electricity at the breaker and said the word “Camping” 1600 times that day. No pop-ups about Camping. So the question is, what device was listening and reporting to Google Ad Sense ? In the context of that study, I don’t know if you should give a private foreign company access to the electronics in your home.

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…and I turned off all electricity at the breaker and I didn’t see any ads AT ALL :grin: