Noise Reduction

Hi everyone my name is Richard nice to meet you all . I’m wondering how miners are able to reduce noise or what can be done about it ?
I live in a terraced house my wife and two kids, both are in their own bedrooms but you can hear the neighbor’s at times through the upstairs walls when its quiet during the day . Any help would be appreciated

Welcome! So you want to help your neighbor silence their miners? Or you want to sound proof your house? Or anything at this point?

Think his neighbor has a mini farm since he’s a terraced house only thing separating them is a fire board which would really suck for person on opposite side of miner. And I’m thinking his neighbor already has it as silent as possible because there no way anyone could live in a house with a l3 let alone a s19. Also guessing there bedrooms are on that wall with the miners so there probably nothing he can do except become a Karen. All other option would cost him a are and leg to install on his house

Literally exactly what I was thinking but I’ve been wrong before. If that’s the case, something like this might go a long way. No way in hell should you have to pay for it but if your neighbor’s a jerk and won’t show enough common courtesy to do this himself then I’d probably pay for it myself if I were in your shoes. How much is your sanity worth?

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