Noob... Asic or GPU?

Hey All, I am just starting to research crypto mining. Just pulled the trigger and bought a Helium Bobcat 300… arrives in 12-30 weeks…a nice way of saying 3-5 months…

I want to do more though, looking at what’s best to start between ASIC and GPU, my issue with asic is it seems like with the markups it takes over a year to break even and if there’s a breakdown your toast where with GPUs you can repair but the cost of the entire system is probably about the same… I can afford the 10k-15k or so for a good asic but not sure it’s the best route. I would love to pick up a $150-$200 per day asic but they seem to be running $30k…

Any thoughts on the best way to proceed?

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GPU all the way. Cheaper, easier to get, profit is lower, but more options for mining different coins. With ASIC you’re locked in to a specific coin, or set of coins. I’ve dropped over $50,000 into GPU mining, plus another $70,000 into solar panels. Don’t regret anything.

Im looking at getting into GPU. I would like to know more about how you started. Im looking at buying the rack soon and slowly building up. Would you pay the outages price and start with 1 3090? or start with several cheaper GPUs ? How may GPUs are you running now?

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Yes, that’s one thing I like about the GPU options is your not locked into a coin if something happens or changes that makes the asic obsolete your screwed…

I’m in a townhouse so solar panels would not be an option but I live that idea!.

I’m still early in my research but msybdig more into the GPU options


Im getting my Helium setup tonight. I just hope that it will pay pff quick. Once it hits its ROI. I will start looking at other mines.

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My suggestion is buy a Dell Alienware computer as cheap as possible with an RTX 3090. Cheapest ones run around $3300. Then figure out which software you want to use to mine, which mining pool, and get to it. With today’s prices on Ethereum it would take you about 18 months to get your $3300 back. I started that way. I’m up to 17 RTX 3090’s now.