Noob future miner with noob question

I’m about to buy/order my first hot-spot miner. Is it one miner per location or can I have multiple hot-spot miners in my house? Or is it one hot-spot miner per manufacture? Or multiple hot-spot miners for one manufacture?

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Hello I’m a noob also but if ur talking Helium mining from what I understand to close just splits mining and may not be a good witness for the other. Some place like 1000ft is best spacing but as I said I’m a noob just looking to buy one when my money clears at Binance and been reading.


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Wow, I thought with all the experienced HNT miners someone would be able to answer. I only ask because I see Vosk with multiple HNT miners in his house but all the stuff I read says they have to be 300 meters apart. So, I am confused.

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wayne is correct, if they are closer then 300m the profit get divided between the hotspots

This has anything and everything you would ever want to know about Helium mining:

To answer your question - you can place multiple miners within the 300m “minimum” range but the mining rewards are penalized (usually by 50%). You can use the Helium map and view hotspot distances and if they are getting the full (1.0) reward multiplier or not:

@VoskCoin can correct me but he has multiple in his house for doing what he does best - reviewing and sharing his knowledge on mining. I doubt he’s running multiple units concurrently in his house - or if he is then he has enough of them that it makes sense to take the reward penalties.


Thank you. That saves me from buying more than one and wasting money since I only have my home to put one.

Were you able to find any in stock? Every place I look is sold out

No problem - yes more than 1 in the same home would not make sense. Unless your house is big enough to space them >300m apart :upside_down_face:

Every manufacturer is taking orders - all with 8-12 week or greater lead times. All the websites are pretty clear in the expected delivery time on the product pages (but they are always updating due to supply and demand).

Probably looking more like 20+ weeks. I’ve been waiting about a month and a half and shipping for orders 5000 to 8000 haven’t even shipped yet until later this month. I am order 59000 for reference.

I ordered a Bobcat 300. Estimated shipping is 12-20 weeks.

I sure wish shipping times were not so long. No one in my town has a miner and I have 3 locations that can use one, though one location is seasonal (5-months out of the year) so that one may not be worth the investment.

This helps u see good and bad area around ur location.