Noob question. MOBO has power but nothing boots

I’m building a 1 card mining rig and have another one on the way. Everything turns on but nothing happens. The card and mobo came with disks do I need to download something for them? If so how?

Do you get a BIOS display at start-up, or literally nothing? Check all the connections, and if nothing is loose or disconnected, then does it have on-board video on the mother board? You can try pulling the card and see if it boots up then.

Just a quick one on that as well. Is the cpu gen compatible with the board? If not, it won’t post

Better yet… if you have the monitor plugged into the mobo, does the cpu support it’s own video? Some CPU’s like i5-9400f require dedicated graphics cards.

I had the same issue and dealt with 3 faulty MOBO’s until the rig decided to boot up :grimacing: