Noob Starting Out and a Dumb Marine

I’ve very new to mining and the entire process to putting money in my pocket. Any suggestions for a rig if I just want to start out? I’ve been in the Marine Corps for 18 years and would love to start setting myself up for passive income before a retire (more time with the family I’ve missed because of deployments). New fan to Vosko but already a big fan.

Semper Fi,

Hey man,
I was in the same boat as you a few months ago, Im active duty Navy and got a few rigs up and running, and now taking advantage of that free electric in base housing, haha! I started by purchasing an Alienware R12 gaming computer that was prebuilt and on a great sale just to get my feet wet and start learning, then I spent hours a day researching and watching youtube on how to build a rig. The thread in the voskcoin talk in regards to the $1000 mining rig build is a great place to start. I used it as a guide to source the parts and then built a rig off of that. I have very little technical knowledge with computers but it was suprisingly easier than I thought it would be. The next step was my purchase of 2 Goldshell Mini doge miners, those things are fun and super low maintenance if you can get them in stock. The Bobcat 300 miner that mines Helium is also something I highly recommend, Ive had that for a few months and the profits are great. Between 2 rigs running full time, 2 goldshell asics running full time, and the Bobcat helium miner i make about $15-$17 a day on average, sometimes a bit more. Im happy with the profits, im sure other people on here are making a lot more but I kept the operation small so it doesnt take over my house, and utilizing the free power in housing is a blessing. lol. Good luck!

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the information. I’ll check the threads and hopefully build a rig.

I’m still trying to figure out the basics of mining. Do you to mine? Or is there a better site you prefer. Additionally, the rig you built, do you mine only one type of crypto?

Thanks again for any help and hopefully we can stay in touch.


Hey Nick,
The threads are a great start, also just youtube search how to build a mining rig is a good start. Dont get caught up on the videos with guys who have 6 GPUs building something big, go at it with the mindset of building a computer, except your computer is just used for mining! I started on nicehash quite awhile ago when I first started off. It is buy far the easiest when you are just learning and have no idea what youre doing like I did. I use T-Rex miner now, it is quite easy to use, just do a search on youtube about how to use t-rex, you make a few small adjustments to the file, add you wallet address and then youre off and running. Personally I mainly mine Ravencoin (RVN) with my GPU’s, it is undergoing its first halving of the rewards in January so I am trying to load up while I can. If you get the low hashrate GPU’s, which you most likely will unless you are paying a ridiculous amount on the secondary market, ravencoin is one of the most profitable, that and Ergo. Im also quite bullish on Ravencoin so I am hodling to see what comes. If you get a non low hash rate card then ethereum would be more profitable before ETH2 comes knocking. Also I would recommend you go to and sign up for their email notification list, they will send you an email when they restock. I have 2 of their ASIC mini doges that merge mine LTC and Dogecoin and those are beyond easy to get up and running. Hope this helps, reach out if you need anything.