NOVA Electricity rates must be insane! Help needed please

I moved here from El Paso, TX to Northern VA, close to DC. My electric bill went from $200 to $300 compared to EP, TX.

I thought it would be less moving here because it’s not blistering hot (EP is a desert environment), AC runs less & all GPUs are running in the basement. They were all on the 2nd floor in TX.
I’m trying to find rates on Dominion Electric site but no luck so far because. I know Drew is in/around Northern VA area & heavily involved in all kinds of mining. What gives?! Please give me some insight.

I have a 3080, 3070, 2080S & 2070. Using Nicehash with optimizers; I monitor status every other hour. My usage was 1864kWh this month.

Look on your electric bill it should show you the cost per kW also do they do estimate one month and actual the next.