NRG staking through digital ocean setup help

Hi there,

Hugely excited to join the community - hi from the UK

I have followed the guide in setting up the following…

  1. MyEnergiWallet - created Keystore file, deposited a small amount of NRG to test.

  2. Created a Droplet in Digital Ocean (Ubuntu 20.04 which I’m now not sure is the correct ver)

  3. Ran the Terminal scripts from my MacBook and ran into problems running the following script
    nano /home/nrgstaker/.energicore3/keystore/ UTC–2020-11-06T01-20-42.303Z–b504122fa384e5f5167dac6646994b5a45636a3d_yt. (I did use my own Keystore file name).

I’m now not able to recreate the error which was “Pattern not found (Press Return)” and I now get the following message when I log into my Digital Ocean Terminal

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 10.16.16

I would massively appreciate some help or guidance if that is possible.

Much appreciated.

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 16.53.48

This is the point where I get the Pattern Not Found Error - I have destroyed my droplet, created a new one, followed the guide to the same point but cannot get the Keystore file to transfer.

Any pointers - the guide doesn’t make it clear as it shows both the Keystore Name and also the Keystore full content (when opening with a text editor).


Much appreciated.

Hi all…

Finally able to set it up - however when I check the status I don’t see it as Miner True and Staking True.

I can see my coins are there, is there a time lag between running the command and the Miner/Staking being true?

P.s apologies for all the Newbie questions…we were all new once I guess :slight_smile:

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Can you share output from the miner.stakingStatus() command

(You need to run energi3 attach to run this but I think you know that)