Nvidia GeForce 7300 gt

First time poster, long time viewer.

I have a Nvidia GeForce 7300 gt that I recently found in one of my old desktops. Works great.

Should i try mining with it? Will it be remotely profitable at a residential home in the US?

If so, what coin should I try mining?

Thanks for any input. Newbie here!

Unfortunately that gpu won’t yield a positive result, while yes it does have cuda cores, the gpu just doesn’t for lack of better terms, “have enough ass”


ok. thanks for the input. I appreciate it!

Is there a quick start equivilant or beginner rig that you would suggest for a novice looking to learn?

for the cheapest user friendly beginner gpu, I’d say the nvidia 1060 6gb, you can still mine ETH on it and once the the DAG file surpasses (which wont be for a while) 6gb you can then point the rig to a ETC pool and still be profitable