Nvidia GTX TITAN black 6gb

Hi everyone.

So today I got my hands on a 6gb Nvidia Titan. I was pretty stoked because it’s in good condition, works well (PC) and was a good price

I connected it to my Nvidia rig… No dice. At 100 on clock’s, the temps jump to 75 and the hash rate hit 2.8 mhs. Trying out my 1660 clocks, and it just resets the rig.

Has anyone mined with this card before? I feel like I messed up and got a dud in terms of capability.

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I’ve been using 2 on stock. Only getting 1.2 MH at 77 temp. Not too promising, but maybe I should try some OC. Looking forward to trying out my 3080. I will be upgrading slowly to 3090’s asap. Great time to mine right now imo.