Nvidia's new CMPs

I’m new to this whole crypto thing. Working on building my first mining rig. I stumbled upon something when l was looking into GPU’s. I saw that Nvidia was going to produce what they call CMP’s. Supposedly this is to get miners away from gamers video cards. Has anyone heard anything? Would like to see Vosk do a video on this subject. I’ve enjoyed the other videos. Very informative for newbies like me.

Nvidia CMP is designed for professional mining. Before the launch of its own cryptocurrency chip, Nvidia has been wrestling with shortages of its gaming chips, which were being used to mine cryptocurrency. … The move is designed to deter miners from buying Nvidia’s gaming GPUs for cryptocurrency.Feb 18, 202 Zdnet.

I believe this to be true. I dont believe everything Nvidia says tho… one thing they do make a damn nice GPU.