Odd question (mining with both 4gb and 8gb gpu's)

So since mining ETH is a thing of the past with 4gb gpu’s but can still mine other coins with them, is it possible to have the same brand and model gpu’s but different ram and mine 2 different coins on the same rig.

To break it down simply for example

Having 2 AMD rx570 4gb’s mine ETC and 2 AMD rx570 8gb’s mine ETH on the same rig or will the ETH soft try to call up the 4gb cards and they fail loading the DAG

The short answer is yes. It depends what you’re mining with, but almost all applications have some sort of configuration to only run using a certain subset of GPUs on the system.

Yes, you will have to run 2 instances of Phoenix miner (or whatever miner you using). Set each bat file up to only use GPU x, y, z for ETH mining. Then GPU a, b, c for ETC mining.

Right on thanks guys, now just gonna have to figure out how to do it, running an ausus b250 mining expert with team red miner, if I can’t do it with that, the it looks like I’ll be running Phoenix