Official Braiins OS download link?

Just asking for the VoskCoinTalk community discount double check lol

I went to

which leads you to

and then looking for braiins antminer os they direct you to drive download

I am always just leary of downloading viruses, especially an ASIC miner virus that would take over the farm lol


Pretty sure thats the legit download. pretty sure

Is there no CRC checksum to check against?

That’s the link I used when I tried braiins, I always use the link provided by the official twitter account when I try different firmware. Sounds like a juicy video in the making!

It’s the one I used for my S19J SSD install.
The S19 (not J) controller doesn’t have the BB controller - so After I ordered the wrong replacment board from Zeus, I contacted Braiins support. Had a random guy from the internet Anydesk in to my pc, make a VPN back to his place, run a bunch of interesting code that let him remote flash the S19. It’s high risk behaviour, but Space Desgin Warehouse guy did it on YT first. It was a gamble that worked out.
Now I can have any wattage I like from 1900 to 3200+ to make the Th/W be whatever I feel like paying for. Just takes a while to get the stats as it’s several hours of chip tuning at any target W. S19J Pro 96 at 1800W is 23.8W/Th, and 2800W is 28.3W/Th. It’s a fairly straight line between those points. I haven’t tested it over 2800W just yet as I’m happy enough on 2300W @ 25.1W/Th for now. Its a balance when you’re paying the power out of pocket. Older miners running low Hash. Newer, more efficient one running full hashrate.

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