Offline Bobcat miners

Hi There, I have several Bobcat miners on order for which I am going to place them in several locations. I am getting worried about the OTA updates knocking them offline all the time. Another Youtuber seems to make a lot of comments about his other sites. IS this a common issue with Bobcats as they seem to be pushing a lot of OTA updates and want to be prepared to resolve any potential issues moving forward.

Also is there any information about Heltec Miners?
I have placed an order in so should be getting some of those by Mid December.

Bobcat ordered in Sept looking likely Feb to receive crazy wait times.

Also bit of an update, I live in Northern Cyprus there seems to be quite a lot of Nebra and SenseCap devices popping up now so Nebra is delivering.

The OTA is a fact of building the network and making every thing talk on the same level.

If you had started in March - August of 2021, there were loop holes in the POC11 which a single miner like BobCat could make $10,000 USD a month.

Seems in Sept they started closing those loop holes of coverage beacon and witness activity but, that has bricked a few miner devices into relay mode. Once in relay you have to open a ticket and supply the MAC address and hope that some day they will send an update that reset your miner.

In the last 10 days the OTA have completely shut down some miners that were in the $4000 a month making area.

The device was only meant to be in your home or office and collect about $40 - $100 a month. People with clone devices, spoof devices, antenna up on 1000 foot towers have really created alot of false hope for people that $4000 - $10000 is possible every month.

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This is one of the very good examples of ‘gaming the system’ in HNT as they call it.

This miner is now offline. I had read it made over $50,000 in the last 5 months. Notice it is on a tower at 150 meters. Zero witness hits. Only a Beacon in the sky to collect the ‘hear I am’ rewards. Well, It looks like a brick now.

Sell all as long as you get, and buy another brand, you dont wanna be part of this shitshow