Offline mini doge voskcoin miner

Hi guys, I have a mini doge miner voskcoin and lately my miner has been going offline several times in a short time! I’d like to know if anyone else has had the same problem or not! i never updated my miner and i think that could be the problem! Thanks a lot everyone

Not a Mini Doge, but I have a KD Box that did that. I did the firmware update but it didn’t really help. so I spent the $180 at DHL to send it back to Goldshell in HK on June 15. They aren’t sure they have it yet although they signed for it on June 20. So if I ever get it back it will probably be hardly worth plugging in with the KA3 out now. It will do to KDA what Bitmain did to LTC/DOGE with the L7s.
On a happier note - I had an iPollo V1 mini classic plus that dropped off all the time as I changed the default fan behaviour. The constant spining up and down was anoying. Sent some logs to iPollo and after I set the fans back to default it’s rock solid.
So maybe your Mini Doge is just hot?

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Mine goes offline once every 24-36 hours and I have to power cycle it… It’s been annoying, try FW 2.1.4 I Had no issues with that and prior FWs. (I may go back to it aswell) with it powering off it just forces me to check things once per day. Rather do that than have a fire.

I think they are airing on the side of caution if the sensor detects it’s too hot it shuts off or goes to standby mode.

I’ve just been resetting it once per day I have it mining in Hashrate mode, it does the same thing on Balanced mode if I go to low power mode it will stay on 7-10 days straight before it shuts down/standby.

I did have the power brick melt the connector both ends, I replaced the Connector on the board a couple nights ago… Which was a bitch but got it done and now use their 4 BoX PSU instead of the original brick

I currently have a MiniDoge Vosk BoX, A LBRY BoX and an LB1 running on it I would let like to get a CKB and KD BoX to add.

As I was writing this I got an alert from F2 that it just went offline :joy: You JinXed it bro!


@qweesy777 - With the new KA3 destorying the KDA payouts soon, and given you clearly aren’t scared of mining LBRY - I would say the $1,100 you would spend on KD-Box Pro would be better spent on an LB-Lite. My numbers tell me it will make more. And you can always get paid in BTC from Zergpool.
That’s my next plan as the prfitability of all my KD Box and the ETC machines have plummeted. So I’m going for the things GPUs don’t or can’t. Like LBRY and CKB.
Sorry about the thread hijack.


I have 2 x kd box-pro’s and 2 x ck box’s. Both pairs would go offline regular. I solved the issues with the kd box’s simply by updating the firmware. My ck box’ s go off line randomly. The last tim this Halley was on Fri just gone. Both box’s went offline at the same time. There’s no firmware update available do that files out the firmware. So I thought it could be F2Pool and changed to DxPool. So far I am getting better results and the ck box’s have not gone offline.


You know what I haven’t tried changing pools, the LB BoX and LB1 are on DXPool and the Vosk Doge is on on F2


Worth a go as it appeared to resolve my ck box’s going offline. Also the hashrate increased and there were way less errors

Both my Mini Doge freeze up if I run them in hashrate mode within hours, even if they are kept a low temp. When they were new I could run them any way I wanted for weeks on end with no issues. Neither have ever been run in an environment where room temp exceeded 80F. Now I have to run in balanced mode to keep them online and I still do a reboot every 2-3 days or they will usually freeze after 3-4. And if I put 2.2.4 FW on them they both die, have to stay on 2.2.3. I’m sure it’s poor manufacturing quality control at the root of the issue. I have a HS and CKB that I have to treat the same way but they can run on 2.2.4 and not immediately die.

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Hmmm I was just looking at LB Lite and CK Lite. I’ll try changing pools aswell, I contacted GoldShell and they responded with a a few files to flash directly to the SD card.

2.1.4 was best FW for me I still may go back to it if these files GoldShell sent don’t work.

Anything after that FW these freezes started and Temp error hit code which makes you power cycle.

I’ve taken the entire unit apart and all looks good, I also heard the main heatsink can come a little loose over time.

Has anyone re-thermal paste/glued the chips?

Both of my ck box’s go offline randomly. I’ve tried everything I know. Changing mining pools, setting static IP’s and changing psu, but they still just stop.