Okcoin, I cannot recommend enough…

Thought they deserve a dedicated thread,

I’ve been using Okcoin for almost a year. And I’ve been impressed thus far,

In todays world, what do you want in an exchange?

  • Free fiat deposit and withdrawals (ACH)
  • Near instant ownership of bought Crypto (ACH purchases)(ability to send bought crypto to private wallet without waiting for fiat payment to clear)
  • Low fees (maker-taker fee system)
  • Low withdrawal fees
    • KDA has no withdrawal fee
    • BTC fees have been basically network fees, nothing added on. Plus Okcoin supports BTC Lightning network. So even lower transaction fees when sending through the lightning network.

It’s perfect for buying or selling and immediately moving your crypto or fiat off to a secure location and all with very low fees.

Exactly what an exchange should be.

A lot of the above is for USA customers. And yes you do need to KYC with them.

Just wanted to share for those that are like me and still want to stack crypto, pay low fees, and not want to have the crypto sitting on an exchange waiting for fiat payment to clear…

Best of luck to all you!

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Forgot to add,

Okcoin’s API works flawlessly with Koinly as well…

And always good to check Okcoins status here before buying. They let you know when they are doing maintenance on their site and wallets and there sometimes are temporarily pauses on depositing and withdrawing on certain coins / tokens when doing such tasks.

Very rarely has this happened to me by the way…

And for what it’s worth, here is a referral link that gets you $50 worth of BTC. Terms apply. It’s locked on their platform for 6 months though. You are able to trade and invest with it through their platform.

Not the point of the thread, but better to get the bonus if you do decide to us Okcoin…