Okcoin now supports KDA

Okcoin now supports KDA, No fee ACH deposit and No fee ACH withdrawals ($10 dollar minimum)(USA only)… Makes liquidating KDA very easy.

Update, Both deposit and withdrawals work now for KDA on Okcoin.

I’ve been using Okcoin for a few months and I can now recommend it. Here is a referral link and get $50 of BTC (Certain Terms apply)

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I question why you would sell lol

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Makes it easier to buy with fiat! :wink:

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I am selling KDA all the time at this super low price because I bought equipment and I am broke but I would rather sell the coin and not the miner😂

Update after using Okcoin for a few months.

KDA works wonderfully with OKcoin.

OKcoin supports BTC lightning network

Okcoin works perfectly with Koinly through full API support…

For USA accounts(non-business), Okcoin now offers no fee ACH Bank deposits AND Withdrawals.

Okcoin also allows business accounts with direct connection to your business bank account through bank wire. FYI, Okcoin charges no fee for bank wires, but most likely your business bank account will.

If you’re interested and want a referral link that will get you $50 of BTC (terms apply), here it is,



Just noticed that for US customers using ACH as payment (may work for others too), you can buy Crypto and gain full control of the crypto immediately.

Just bought some KDA today and sent to my private wallet immediately afterwards.

No waiting for my ACH payment to clear!

No worrying if the exchange will shutdown before my funds clear…

I’m pretty impressed with Okcoin!

Highly recommended!