Old Server from work just sitting

I have an old worsk server from my office can this be converted in to a miner ?

HP DL380 G4 2U Rackmount Server “ASI Special”
DUAL (2) Intel Xeon 3.6GHz 800MHz 1MB Cache Processors
16GB DDR2 PC2-3200 ECC Registered Memory
4 x 73GB 15K U320 SCSI Hard Drives
Smart Array 6i RAID Controller with 64MB Cache

Technically yes. You can CPU mine, which isn’t highly profitable. If you throw some GPU’s in there (if you can find some) then you could use it as a GPU miner. The rest of the specs don’t really matter too much in that case.

Of course mining on a work computer is a good way to get fired :smiley: Unless they got rid of it and you now own what used to be an old work server.

Its mines i own the company, Thanks for the support will look for parts to add GPU

Could you help me with what hardware to purchase?

Anything that can mine is pretty hard to find at reasonable prices. You can look at the profitability calculators here:

or here

But, basically any somewhat modern GPU will make money - at least until Etherium moves off of mining sometime in the next few years.

For GPU’s ebay is your friend, just read the description sections very carefully. All my gpu’s except for 1 is from ebay. I’ve been snatching up 4gb gpu’s every chance I get, can’t mine eth with them but you don’t have to mine eth to be profitable.