On Sale: iPollo Mini 300MH & Jasminer x4-1u 520M

Brand new rigs.
iPollo V1 Mini 300MH/240W 6.0G Price 2149 USD. For ETH and ETC mining.
Jasminer X4-1U 520M/240W 5.0G Price 4099 USD. Only for ETC mining.
Waiting for your question.
By Nico from Jinglemining.

Email: nico@jinglemining.com
Telegram: t.me/nico_jinglemining
Whatsapp: wa.me/+8615821323976

You charge $279 shipping to USA so that is not your final price and only accept crytpo. Get free shipping when you buy direct and use your Credit Card( you are protected!) and get 2 miners for the price of one v1 classic plus 280M/H and v1 classic 130M/H $1899 shipped with PSU until the 30Th!

You do realize those won’t be able to mine etc much longer there under 4g y it’s so cheap

Yes it is only 3.8 GB dag file size so will only mine ETC approximately till december 2024 but there are other coins it can mine afterwards and I am getting 150 m/h per miner at only 104W so as long as it make s more than 27 cents a day in whatever coin I mine it is a winner.

Price has changed for iPollo 300MH.
From 2499 USD to 2149 USD per unit.
Thanks for your attention.
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Price has changed for Jasminer 520MH.
From 4499 USD to 4099 USD per unit.
Thanks for your attention.
Have a nice day.