One GPU out of six performing at half the hashrate

I have set up a mining rig with 6 GPUs of RTX 3070. As shown in the image below, GPU #1, is performing at half the expected hashrate of 28 MH/s. I am also attaching my AfterBurner settings with power limit at 69%, core clock: -10, memory clock: 1160.

The rig is set up with a 1500 W power supply that I bought here:

In the nicehash tool when I disable one or two GPUs, the GPU#1 starts to perform correctly at 60 MH/s but when all 6 are enabled then the first one operates at half the hashrate. Can someone please help, I am going crazy.

Silly question, whats your video output hooked up to, the onboard or that specific 3070?
x16 to 1x riser?
pcie lane speed, all the same set or just auto?

This is because its running on KAWPOW algo not daggerhashimoto. Look closely to the left of your hash rate.