One more try with Antminer Z15e

Still looking for advice. It 7K a fair aftermarket price for this? Any other thoughts on in in general would be appriciated. Thanks guys.

I’m new at mining but I did look into the Z15e. The Z15e is a downgraded miner that only produces half the Sol’s at 200 vs the Z15 that produces 420. What I could not confirm at was the wattage of the Z15e - I believe its 1520 watts. The Z15’s wattage is also 1520. So, if the wattages are both the same for both models, then the Z15e would be very expensive to run on electricity (Two Z15e could potentially use 3040 watts to produce 400 Sol’s).

Before you buy the Z15e, figure out the wattage - if its 1520, in my opinion, it’s too expensive because your earnings will be eaten up by your higher electricity costs when compared to the Z15.

If you figure out the wattage of the Z15e, please let us know. I could not find accurate info.

I located the spec’s and I was right, the Z15E also uses 1510 watts at only 200 Sols (vs 420 Sols for the Z15), making it not as energy efficient. Z15 Series Specifications – Bitmain Support

A fair price in my opinion for a Z15E would be around $5-6K in Dec 2021 for a new unit vs $13-17K for a new Z15 unit. With a .10 electric cost, the Z15E brings in around $9 per day and the Z15 brings in around $23 per day (Dec 2021). The Z15 will always outperform in earnings (2) Z15E’s due to the doubling of the electric cost for the Z15E.