One second hand Jasminer x4-1u 520MH for sale

Hi, our company has 1 second hand Jasminer x4-1u 520MH for sale.
Almost new one.
Warranty 3 months.
Price 3799 USD and air freight will be 150-200 USD.
Telegram: @nico_jinglemining

Hi. Can this mine anything now that eth is not minable?

Overpriced wait until after the merge They can mine ETC and the hash rate is about to go to the moon. Machines will be worthless unless you have free electric. Stop trying to screw people Nico! Jinglemining is trying to get some sales before the merge because they know they won’t be able to after the merge.

I hope nobody got scammed by you. This is how much it makes now will be negative tomorrow $12 a month ROI NEVER!!!
Current daily

0.03472035 ETC

1.2949 USD0.00006537 BTC

-0.87 USD-0.00004410 BTC

0.4213 USD0.00002127 BTC

Current for 7 days

0.24304244 ETC

9.0644 USD0.00045757 BTC

-6.12 USD-0.00030870 BTC

2.9492 USD0.00014887 BTC

Current for 30 days

1.04161047 ETC

38.8472 USD0.00196101 BTC

-26.21 USD-0.00132298 BTC

12.6392 USD0.00063803 BTC

Jinglemining is dead put all your apples in ETH and ETC not worth $10 per miner now.

For now Jasminer can mine ETC only.
While iPollo can mine ETC ETHW ETF.
Thanks for attention.