Only getting .0038 LTC revenue on mini doge

I’ve noticed on YouTube videos where people are getting .005 LTC daily with 1 mini doge miner but in the past 6 days the best Ive got was .0038 LTC. Is it because of my crappy internet speeds? So far the only time it has went offline is because my wife accidentally unplugged it for 30 minutes but it been going nonstop. I’m part of the f2pool and my hashrate has been 185 or more. At this rate my ROI will take forever.

.0038 is my avg for LTC on my MiniDoge in the past 3 weeks. I have a 5 yr old modem/router and slow internet. Not sure if Internet speed effects mining. If you find out otherwise, let me know.

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If you’re not interested in getting doge, you can run on litecoinpool. They take what you would get in doge and add to your ltc and only payout in ltc. So, on my minidoge I get about .011 ltc every day

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Are you getting doge payout also? I believe you have to add your doge wallet address along with having your ltc address to get the pay out for merge mining if you want both doge and ltc.

Yeah I have both LTC and DOGE pay accounts setup. Working it’s 6th day and still haven’t met the .2 payout threshhold. I’m at .18 now and should hit the threshold by 8pm tonight finally. I just see where other people are getting that threshold every 3-4 days and just don’t see my machine doing that.

I have only ever used litecoinpool for my minidoge miner…so I have nothing else to compare to regarding higher payout or better pools. I have been on it for almost 2 weeks now and I am thinking of changing it up to compare and see if I like another interface better. I’m not trying to convert you one way or the other, but I will also say litecoinpool pays out at a minimum .01 ltc but can be adjusted higher and has no fees, if that makes any difference to you then you should check them out.

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