Only MILLIONAIRES Can Stake Ethereum? US Bitcoin Exchange WTF?! NEW Binance Blockchain & Airdrops?

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Blackrock is trying to take over the world, if they haven’t already, the US government dumped Bitcoin and crypto just to load their bags and then launch their own btc exchange to pump you guessed it their own bags and continue to control all the plebs ah what a wonderful world.

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The latest crypto news!
00:30 Ethereum rising the validor limit?
01:30 Binance BNB making moves
03:42 Blackrock Bitcoin ETF?
04:06 trading on their own exchange?
04:33 Ethscriptions?
05:47 ZachXBT being sued!
06:30 Mining with digital shovel Minipod
09:15 Using nicehash for more profit
09:47 Hunting the Linea airdrop
10:20 DeBank Airdrop?
11:47 Tails doesn’t like thunderstorms

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Only MILLIONAIRES Can Stake Ethereum?? US Bitcoin Exchange WTF?! NEW Binance Blockchain & Airdrops??


Great. if the SEC really gets involved, we are all screwed.

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It’s fascinating how Ethereum staking and the emergence of new blockchain platforms like Binance are reshaping the landscape. While the idea of only millionaires being able to stake Ethereum may seem daunting, there are always opportunities for everyone to participate and benefit from the crypto space.
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