Opinion on HIVEOS for ASIC miners

Does anybody here use hiveos for asic’s. Is it worth it?

It’s worked great when I OC my L7 8800>10000
And 9050 the same


Use this pool and get the payouts in other coins like LTC/KAS/CKB/BTC/DGB/Doge

At your earlier recommendation, I’ve actually been on powerpool and that’s what I’m using for my two D9’s. I was just curious if anyone thought using hiveos for asic’s was worth it

More specifically, I’m interested in auto restart features if the hash rate crashes for whatever reason

I’m also curious since you use powerpool what your rejection rate is. My D9’s both have a rejection rate of 8% with powerpool. 50% with F2 pool.

i havent used it for asics. but i know a bunch of people love it for them.