Opinions on best use to drop 10k,

Hi - New here but noticed the pc we got our kid he hardly uses has a 3060 ti in it, so decided to look into options for mining since I’m coming around to the viability and adoptability of crypto. Ive made some investments but like the idea of mining. Our kw/h is high but ive been debating on solar. Im contemplating a big solar project and loading up on miners of a variety. I’d assume asics would be best. that is long term. short term, ive got the 3060 ti working using nice hash I think, because its the first thing i found. I just bought a mini doge box, so im looking forward to getting that in a few weeks. Im debating on the antminer L7 initially, and then broadening out with additional asics in the coming year or two. What are some ideas for someone who has a budget of say, 10k or 20k to build something worth the investment. Sorry for just jumping in, but It’s an exciting horizon, and im just getting started. Thanks for any input and take care

what is the 10k-20k going to ? ASIC or Solar options?

How much noise can you deal with? An 80 decibel minner in your home may soon drive you over the edge. A used innosolicon A10 may work if you love the sound of money being made. You may want to look at what coin you want to mine. The lowest barrier of entry would be Helium, if you are in a place with enough miners but not too many. Kda if you can get your hands on a kd box form the manufacturer. If you go the gpu route for ethereum make your plan on what comes next in June when pos takes over. So for $500 get a Bobcat helium miner. Check out the helium map if it makes sense for you. After that you need to look at what coin you believe in and roi on the miner.

I anticipate a 20k solar project which was planned for this year anyhow but realized an opportunity to spend a bit more and pay for it in time w mining… pie in the sky, but it seems viable…

my current research indicates that $10k is not even a good startup at Solar. $20K can be a combination of grid and MPPT. $30K and you can DIY a full off grid… but you are looking at 5 months of project time on DIY.

I am not even going to list someone doing the work for you as that is materials vs labor in your area that i have no clue on.

In my area of Texas ( Dallas ) you are looking at $60K on installation and that is a 3-5 month project with them getting permits and material delivery. Again, however depending on total off grid watts and Grid tie or not. ( which I would not do grid tie )