Ordering from goldshell?

Sorry for the question but I couldn’t find anything online with goldshell.
It says when ordering from them we have to clear it with customs and local carrier ourselves? Is there a wiki or guide someone could link me for that? If I’m lucky to grab one of the mini doge when they drop i would like to but didn’t know how to go about the rest.
Thanks in advance

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That depends on where it it shipping to but you do have to pay customs.

I used to ship millions of $USD in goods, and anytime there was a customs issue, more often than not the carrier would contact the shipper/receiver (us/me depending on the direction the package was headed) for re$olution. If you’re lucky, and the packages are labeled well, and the waybill is filled out well, you might skirt the customs fee (and if they don’t inspect) - basically if the stars align.

So would I call DHL?
Or would i just wait to hear from them?

I recently received 3 shipments from goldshell via DHL and I set them up to pick them up from the DHL facility. There were no issues or additional fees. I gave them tracking info and an ID, they gave me my packages.

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What is the warranty on the Goldshell miners? I am looking at buying some here this week but I am torn as GPU’s have a 3 yr warranty.

forget about the warranty.
In casse of an technical issue with a goldshell miner you better not want to try out their “custom service”.
I have 4 different Goldshell mini box miners and had problems with 2 of them.
Latest miner arrived with a loose part(heat sink) inside.
After some emails they did indeed offer me to replace/repair it. But unfortunately their next istructions where at least questionable, partly just wrong and some instructions are even illegal with regard to customs.
On other social media platforms you can find some people who claim to be waiting since month for the return device.

In my opinion, when it comes to mining hardware, you are better off trusting your favorite god, the weather forecast, or that the earth is a cube. But forget about the warranty if you buy directly from China.

If you buy from local reseller, then there might be some better service provided by the reseller. But you pay the higher price anyway.

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