Original RX570 VBIOS?

Hey everybody I had some Rx570s running on Team Red miner yesterday until I flashed the bios.

Now the ASUS board shows green on all spots, but Hive reboots, not being able to start the AMD cards.

Does anybody have or know where to d/l the original vbios that was running?

Oh, I just noticed HiveOS is reading the cards as 470s in some spots. Does anybody have any idea what that part means?

is mean need stop use hiveos :wink: hive have bug again or you flash 470 bios

I tried setting up simple and it wasn’t happening, so I’m giving it another go with hive.

move to minerstat and forget about troubles with hive. i have couple friends use hive for year later whey see im use diferent os after whey try ir never wanna back to hive