Over $23,000,000 Mined PER DAY in Bitcoin, but INTEL QUITS BTC Mining

INTEL one of the biggest chip manufacturers ever appears to be giving up on Bitcoin mining, even though Bitcoin produces over $23m per day in new BTC, there are new profitable Bitcoin mining rigs, and other exciting BTC news! I am buying more BTC miners and this miner too - Evergreen

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Bitcoin mining is one of the most profitable businesses in the world, if you have the right electricity rate and you can source the best BTC miners, so it’s very surprising to see INTEL leaving their Bitcoin mining ASIC chip development behind. Perhaps another big competitor is ahead of them like Samsung, or it’s simply not worth it to them. Let’s dig deeper and check out the other latest Bitcoin mining news today!

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00:00 There is a lot going on in Bitcoin
00:49 Intel discontinues Blockscale mining chips
01:26 Bitcoin mining profitability right now
04:09 What will happen after Bitcoin halving?
05:12 How to mine Bitcoins?
07:02 Are Bitcoin stocks worth the investment?
11:13 Bitcoin mining is growing fast

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Over $23,000,000 Mined PER DAY in Bitcoin, but INTEL QUITS BTC Mining

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well Block (jack dorsey) is still developing miners. so we just gotta wait a bit