Overclocking a Bitcoin Miner!

Bitcoin mining is the best way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, so why not crank up the juice and max out mining profitability with BTC miners?! Today we overclock a Bitcoin miner, and add a power supply to it?! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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Bitcoin has proven to be one of the best investments ever, so naturally, a Bitcoin miner is also a lucrative investment with a high ROI but what happens with the mad scientists over at Manifold Mining slap another power supply on a Bitcoin ASIC miner?? They offer Bitmain Antminer S19 and other BTC miners like the MicroBT Whatsminer, powered with dual PSUs and a custom overclocking firmware to mine more BTC than ever before lets review the Manifold Miners!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Overclocking a Bitcoin miner
01:16 Mining basic guides
01:56 An overclocked Whatsminer M30S+
05:44 Manifold mining firmware and upgrade shop
07:44 In depth detail of the upgraded miner
10:37 How much bitcoin does it mine?
12:31 A very cool Bitcoin miner but worth it?

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Overclocking a Bitcoin Miner!

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