OVerclocking Kd box pro - tips?

Hi; I saw various topics (not many) regarding Goldshell boxes overcloking. I saw the “10 times” click tip but it didn’t work either on my Kd box pro or CK box. As much as i tried, I never manage to open that “secret” menu on both boxesminer setup.

Any clues knowing I run them on 2.2.4 firmware and can’t find a way to install older firmware on those !

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There is none that work as I know

for now there are none, do not mess with them, goldshell products, especially the mini miners, are notoriously poorly made. do nothing to try to squeeze out anything else unless you are fully comfortable losing your device.

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Is there any aftermarket firmware for goldshell pro miners like HS6?

Does anyone know the rate and watts for the 3 power modes on both SIA and HNS?

How about running on a “triac” dimmer which reduces power by pulsing the current. These pulses result in lower average current, and therefore lower average power. They are very efficient, so providing current 50% of the time implies using about 50% less current, or 50% less energy overall.

Goldshell says there is no tuning what so ever for anything in the firmware. Power consumption is my key driver as am on a solar array.
So anybody tried a triac dimmer or VFD?