Overclocking KD5'S

Did you ever get that node setup?

Anyone ever successfully overclock their KD5?

Okay, new question. So I wonder if someone buys the new KD-Box Pro, if that would show what the better overclock settings are to get that 1 extra terahash. Anyone out there have a new KD-Box Pro??? Come on, lets rally and figure out how to overclock these KD-Boxes! Id sure like that extra terrahash!

Well I was wondering if anyone had any luck with this?

I’m running a node with a kd5 and two kd-boxes—the clear is about the same as poolflare, but I have a node to maintain, now

Why overclock by almost 10% (840 to 900) and overvolt by over 100% (from .43 to 1)? It seems to me, you’d want to try overclocking and overvolting by 10% on both. And maybe overRPMing fans by same to 110 (i believe 100 means 100%; that’s why it ends up around 5500 rpm at 100). Maybe then, you’ll get less errors and rejects and see a 9% reward boost along with a 10% hashrate boost. I would have to imagine that Goldshell tried many settings to optimize reward per watt, but they did it in air and with liquid cooling and fan spoofing, you could see a very large improvement.

Any updates? Has anyone figured out how to adjust Goldshell’s powerplan settings to overclock the KD5 and presumably the other larger ASIC rigs. I just wanted to revive this thread in case someone has some fresh insight but forgot to post. Thanks all!

Nope. Tried lots of things. Nothing seriously helped, and burned out a control board. Stupid fans.

Thanks Winston. Hopefully somebody else has figured it out, or whether it’s even possible without customized firmware.

Hey all, Goldshell has released new firmware for the newer miners and the overclock does work now with the 10 clicks on the miner settings screen method. I’ve tried it on a KD-Lite so far and it works. Firmware version 2.2.8