Overclocking KD5'S

Anyone had any luck in overclocking there KD5’S
I know the double tapping of the miners in the settings option but what do you set it at ?

Currently it’s says this

840 MHz 0.43 V 100 RPM 100 RPM

Is that the current settings or the overclock settings ?

I do plan on getting two induction fans built into the room like a sever room one intake one out take

And have a immersion cooling system in like 6 months

That would definitely help but would these option destroy your miner ?

I asked a guy on the kda discord he said there wouldn’t be no point in overclocking it

I’m running 2 KD5’s. Both have powerplan set to 840 MHz 0.43 V 100 RPM 100 RPM.

A KD5 is a valuable rig. I’d be super careful about playing around with these settings. If you do experiment, I’d do it with a Box miner at first and iterate in very small steps.

I’m not sure why someone would comment that there’d be no point in overclocking . As long as the chip isn’t overclocked so much that it can’t dissipate internal heat to the exterior shell so that it can be carried away by a heat sink and air/dielectric fluid, then there should be a hash rate benefit. Of course, this is an oversimplification and Goldshell might have baked in some sort of preventive logic circuitry to prevent it. I have heard of guys trying to overclock Mini-Doges only to watch hash rates decrease

Whatever you do discover though, please post. There’s not a lot of info out there specific to Goldshell. You could also reach out to Goldshell by letting them know that you plan to immersion cool and understand that overclocking would void the warranty. They might not give you recommendations, but might be willing to offer up some suggestions


I have 7 KD5s and I am planning on immersion cooling them as well but do need help figuring out how to overclock too. I click miner settings 11x and it gives the ability to change it all but what RPMs is safe? I played with one miner and increased it by 10% from 100 RPM to 110 RPM and didn’t see a difference on my homepage for the miner as far as TH/s. Then I went to 125 RPM and 200 RPM and still no big difference. I am not getting a larger draw on my amperage either. My PDU has an AMP readout screen on it and it just sits between 9a and 9.1a not changing really at all.

Each time I reset the RPMs I would change both RPM settings in the text. Every time I hit “apply” I would hear the miner ramp up and get louder, but then calm back down shortly after. I don’t see any distinguishable difference in power draw either.

In this YouTube video this guy has his RPM really high but I don’t know what the base number was and it’s a really bad video: Overclock the Goldshell X5 Litecoin ASIC Miner to an EASY 1GH/s + at 1500watt - MiningCrate.Com - YouTube

Is the RPMs that need changing, the MHz and V settings? Not sure either.

It seems to me the 100 Rpm is the fan adjustment, front and back. Overclocking implies changing the clock speed or the Mhz.

How do you get into see those settings?
I only know where to go to get into debug.

It seems you need older firmwares. The new one seem to not allow it. possibly earlier than 2.1.0?

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Cool how did you get that? I can’t on mine.

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You need to click 10 times on Miner and it will appear instead of power plan name

I saw that video. supposedly if you do it again it changes again. Probably have to do a reset to cancel the change… just guessing.

I am not 100% sure I understand what you are referring to - If you want changes to stay you have to hit apply otherwise it is not stored, if you want to have original one you need to re-write manually since last update will remain there after it is applied.

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okay cool. Gonna try that tomorrow.

Let us all know what you do and how it works as far as changes to the powerplan and how the miner reacts. I am unsure if I just have to adjust the RPMs or anything else. I am running the most current 2.1.6 version on all of my KD5 miners too

On a side note, I just had 5 used KD5 units come into stock if anyone is interested. They will not last long. 1 month of warranty left on each of them. $56,500 each. If people want I can update the firmware before having them delivered or I can have them shipped directly from the warehouse. Shipping is usually about 7 to 10 business days.

Well I just changed my miners to this setting

900 MHz 1V 150RPM 150 RPM

For some reason when I updated my miners to 2.1.6 they starting hashing around 17.80 and then they dropped from 15 kda to 13 kda. Then I downgraded one of them to 2.1.5

And ever since I changed the settings both the miners hashing speed has increased to 18.60avg

Here’s the link when it was hashing at 17.80 when it was on 4 days

When I changed the settings

The 2.1.5 one reject rate is pretty high dont know if the returns are have been changed for better or worse will keep you updated

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Thank you very much for sharing. So I want to make sure I follow what you’re saying. You’re saying that your units were upgraded to 2.1.6. When you they were on that version and you changed the setting to 900MHz that they started getting less and less rewards. But then you changed the firmware back to 2.1.5 and with the same 900MHz setting you started getting more consistent higher rewards.

Where did you go to get the 2.1.5 version, github?

I want to do immersion cooling and overclock my units. I have updated all of them to be 2.1.6 thinking that would help them do better. Since upgrading my rewards have steadily gone down by 1 to 2 KDA less per day! I really want to overclock them in an immersion setup.

Anything else you can share is welcome.

Hey Cameron,
thanks for your useful sharing!
I will try in my KD5 too.
How is going yours 6 days after overclocking?

About the same actually the hashrste increases but the reject rate when up to 2 - 3 % same with HW.

So the rewards didn’t change at all really still getting 13 kda at the moment nothing changed.

But harshrate is at 18.80 avg it was up to 19.02 avg sometimes.

But the rewards don’t increase thats why I want to solo mining but my laptop can’t install docker and I’m not good figuring out how to use terminal on ubuntu so I’m getting a professional to do it for me instead.

Starting up a node bring a +10/15% and even more in payouts!
I am going to configure one personal solo mining pool, I can share access to all KDA miners so we help decentralization and increase the revenue

How did you go how long do you think it will take to set up ?