Overseas Hosting Question

I travel for work enough that daily or weekly monitoring of a GPU or ASIC rig at my house may be difficult. I have set up a single GPU on Cudo and it seems to be running an avg of 400-450 satoshis a month.

Can anyone direct me to a possible hosting solution that makes sense financially while I learn about this? Any tips are appreciated…

450 satoshi is $0.04. I have a feeling that is wrong. If it isn’t, just turn it off when you leave because it really isn’t worth your time or power costs.

You can monitor/control rigs from anywhere. Most of mine are 25 miles away. If it is Windows, use remote desktop or Teamviewer. Otherwise, there are plenty of Linux based OS that allow you to control the rig from your web browser. I would never recommend hosting because of the high risk involved but I don’t think anyone would host a single GPU anyway. I could be wrong.

Thanks Bick’
400k satoshis rather w my CPU and Graphics Card. I see ads or links infrequently for hosting 10 ASIC miners overseas, for example buy the miner up front and have them host. I am in CO for a few weeks now and the PC is in FL… I could add another Graphics Card to that PC.

Is there an estimator on what I would earn if I set up the same unit on another platform than Cudo?


Most of the hosting services are only for ASICs or riserless server rack GPU rigs running Linux. You can buy FPGAs or ASICs that offer onsite hosting but I really wouldn’t trust any of them. The hosting fees eat up any power cost savings and then some. Monad does buy/host on their FPGA miners but they aren’t very profitable and very few ASICs ever reach ROI anyway.

There are so many cloud mining/hosting scams out there that I just would never consider it. I hate it when people say you are better off buying the crypto on an exchange but I would do that before trusting an overseas company with hardware I paid for or cloud mining.

Cudo works fine and you likely won’t see much of a difference in revenue on any other profit platform. You could try Nicehash or HiveOS or SMOS but they are all going to be pretty close although people typically earn a little more on Nicehash. You could also just buy hashpower on Nicehash if you want the mining experience without having to deal with the equipment. There are lots of options but the only good ones are running your own equipment in my opinion.

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how many mining rigs do you have?

Thanks again for the feedback on leasing a miner overseas. I set up an old PC and just started putting together a dual Video Card PC… I will have to take the plunge and set up a video graphics mining on my own. I don’t really have an ASIC mining place to set up in unfortunately, neither 220V or WiFi for now at the shop although I do have a shop it’s a rental. The power is included there up to 75$ a month but w no WiFi or internet.