Overview of Immersion Bitcoin Mining Options

This is an overview of the best immersion Bitcoin mining options, most of these are plug and play immersion mining solutions for not only ASIC miners but also GPU mining rigs. These liquid cooled miner setups scale so whether you just have one BTC miner or 100, there’s a solution here! Start mining yourself today here - Evergreen Miner v2.5 VoskCoin Tails Edition

Watch a ~500 Antminer S19 DCX immersion farm video! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4dnwHTjcf-8SXMDAoL7-XFkV6b4XUH3j&si=BD6oDOgXluoXOvnM
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DCX, BiXBiT, and FogHashing all have plug and play immersion mining solutions for Bitcoin mining farms and smaller at home BTC miners, and there are even more companies than them making it easier than ever to start mining Bitcoins with liquid-cooled ASIC mining rigs and I just cannot understate how incredibly QUIET this makes crypto mining… it is really cool lol, literally, haha, pun, watch the video!

Learn more about DCX immersion mining - Home Immersion Mining Systems - DCX Liquid Cooling Company
Learn more about BiXBiT immersion mining - ASIC miner cooling systems | Bitcoin immersion cooling
Learn more about FogHashing immersion mining - SHOP

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00:00 Immersion Bitcoin mining the future?
01:00 Bitcoin ming under attack?
03:00 Is the DCX liquid cooled mining enclosure good?
04:57 What kind of liquid mining systems are there?
05:53 Is liquid cooled mining the same as Hydro water mining?
07:00 What is a dry cooler?
08:23 Bixbit immersion mining solutions
13:13 What kind of immersion mining kits does Foghashing have?
16:08 How big is a medium immersion system?
18:00 Should you DIY an immersion system?
22:00 EZ blockchain sells immersion cooling containers
24:00 Liquid cooling immersion systems with an open top?
27:42 What does Tails think of immersion mining
30:00 Is immersion mining the most efficient Bitcoin mining solution?

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Overview of Immersion Bitcoin Mining Options