Painting HNT Antennas?

Does anyone know if you can paint an accessory fiberglass antenna? From what I have researched I know you can paint CB and Ham radio antennas that are similar to the fiberglass HNT antennas, as long as you don’t use paint that has metal in it. Has anyone tried with antennas sold for HNT mining? My house is surrounded by woods, and the white antenna will stick out like crazy. I’m thinking of painting the antenna, mount, and pole all a darker green.

I googled “can you paint a fiberglass antenna” and read the article here… Painting a Fiberglass CB or Ham Radio Antenna | CB Radio Magazine

It appears a non metallic paint would work.

I think that is almost the exact same search term I used, and the same article I read. There isn’t a whole lot of difference in antennas, so I can’t imagine that something that would work fine for a CB/HAM antenna wouldn’t work for an HNT antenna. I’ll probably reach out to Rokland and ask them, as they have been very helpful in the past, and are likely who I will order my antenna setup from.

as per above, non-lead-based is fine