Pancakeswap is going to the be next Uniswap?! CAKE Price Prediction

Binance Smart Chain is skyrocketing in use and value especially when compared with Ethereum so does that mean the biggest DEX is the next Uniswap? Is it too late to buy Pancakeswap CAKE tokens?! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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All hype and FUD aside Pancakeswap’s use case is going up big, as Binance Smart Chain continues to build its userbase recently breached 1 million active BNB BSC addresses. Ethereum is crumbling due to outrageous gas fees, and Binance Smart Chain is a much more interesting alternative because of this. BSC is succeeding because Ethereum is failing, and this provides an opportunity for PancakeSwap the biggest decentralized exchange on BSC to make their CAKE token the next crypto moonshot. The CAKE crypto is already up huge, but what is a proper price prediction as they continue to burn CAKE tokens and build their trading volume vs Uniswap the most popular Decentralized Finance DeFi token and DAPP on ETH?! Let’s review Pancakeswap, look at a $100 CAKE and $200 CAKE price prediction as well as review the Pancakeswap liquidity provider LP V2 migration!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 PancakeSwap and their CAKE token price prediction
02:10 Liquidity Provider (LP) Migration on PancakeSwap V2
03:16 Using Metamask with Pancake Swap
04:31 PancakeSwap on Liquidity
05:00 How to use Pancakeswap
06:48 PancakeSwap V2 migration
07:44 Binance Smart Chain is better than Ethereum
10:10 Voting on Snapshot for crypto airdrops
11:18 Details about PancakeSwap migration
12:17 PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pools = easy crypto staking
13:18 Pancakeswap Lottery and CAKE NFTs
14:29 Fairspin
15:39 BSC is better than ETH so is CAKE better than UNI?

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Pancakeswap is going to be the next Uniswap + CAKE price prediction