Panther helium miners

I tried to buy 3 panther X2 miners through the website, paid using their USDC option and it all went through. I heard nothing from them so contacted their online help - they said they can’t do anything without a ‘payment code’. I told them I don’t have a payment code and gave the etherscan transaction so they can see proof of payment. I’ve now had 5 or 6 emails from them saying they can’t do anything without a payment code. Every time I tell them I don’t have a payment code and can they please return the money they say you need a payment code. I guess I’ve been scammed and wanted to warn about purchasing from this company.

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Did you get an order confirmation?

btw, hasn’t been “45 days” yet. lol

No order confirmation, they said they can’t help me without a payment code. They can see I’ve paid them but refuse to engage in a proper conversation about the problem.

Any luck with Panther? I tried to purchase using Coinbase after I got Email confirmation that my funds in CB is available to transact, but after several attempts to purchase on Panther’s site I keep getting “Insufficient Funds” ? So after about 3 days with Coinbase lame Email customer service, they finally responded back saying “We know this may be confusing, and we’d be happy to provide an explanation. Your transaction was cancelled after an assessment of your account activity. Coinbase is constantly under attack by scammers attempting to defraud us of digital currency, and as a result we’ve been forced to implement automated security measures in an erfrfort to protect the community and our site. Please note that if you were charged, a refund has been sent to your bank account.” , ok so Coinbase got my cash I sent ACH from my bank 14 days ago. They had this money to invest for two weeks while they put a hold on it saying it was for security measures. I took about 5 days of emails to their BS customer service to finally get them to say they held my funds for security measures. Now they claim a refund has been sent to my bank if charged anything? (What?) I checked my Coinbase balance and all my money in Bitcoin is still there. However this may all be a blessing in disguise as now I see people are ordering and money sent but Panther claims they didn’t get the order or the money? So is Panther another FN scam? Anyone out there actually get their X2 from Panther yet??? Thnx

No luck. They are simply ignoring me now. Scam company.

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They said they will take 45 days. Very clear about this. What are you saying to them and expecting to hear back?

I’m not particularly happy about the situation, but it’s not like this was a bait and switch.

You misunderstand. I sent them money, they say I didn’t, and won’t refund even though I sent them proof of transaction. They have just kept my money and ran.

Got it. Sorry about that.

I do not like how these transactions are so “black box”. lol

I ordered 3 and recieved 3. I had to DocuSign some US Customs stuff that FedEx sent me. But otherwise it took approx. 55 days from ordered to delivered. Read the Shipping Terms and Conditions on the PantherX website for more details.