Panther X ,,, questions would you buy

PantherX is it legit

Gene, I ordered a PantherX directly from their website. It is being delivered as we speak. It took roughly 40-45 days from the time I ordered it for it to ship.

For those mad about how long it took, this is exactly how long they said it would!

Ordered early last week. Got tracking number today. But i think for any orders now they said will be 45 days now i think

I don’t think anyone is mad bro. He just wanted to know if they’re legit.

I don’t find any set up videos online. Is it easy to set up? I will probably get it this weekend.

Based off of the research I have conducted, it appears that PantherX is in fact legit. Current findings show that customers have been receiving the product within 2-4 weeks. Research has also discovered that their customer service can be sub par. Good luck in your mining adventures!

  • DetectiveChunkachu

Let me know if you do, appreciate it