Pantherx 2 and Bobcats 300 comparisson

Hey guys, was checking out latest pantherx2 models, they guarantee shipping in aproximately 42 days, compared to bobcats estimate 6month shipping policy, which one should u, guys, recommend me to get, Bobcat 300 or Pantherx2?

I purchase both back in November. I’ve honestly no clue when the Bobcat will arrive, highly doubtful it will be within the next 6 months.
The Panther X2 is making me 0.3 HNT or more a day for the last 30 days.

So my vote is Panther, very happy with it.
I don’t care how good/bad Bobcat hardware is if you can’t even get it.


I’m in the same boat…I ordered a Panther and a Bobcat right around the same time. The Panther is set up and mining, and I’m still waiting on the Bobcat.

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How much are your pantherx2 earning? And have you had any sort of issues with it?

earning aproximately

What is the best place to get a panther x2?

I’m not earning much, I’m only at about $2.00, but there are no other hotspots around me, so I can’t witness anyone. No problems so far, their “instant sync” is marketing crap, it mine several days to sync to the network, but past that its been working fine.

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They have their own manufacturer website

I have two for sale in US already and ship same day if you buy before 3pm PST.
Just saying!

pretty much my same scenario