Paraswap DEX Aggregator Review, Tutorial, and BAD AIRDROP?!

Paraswap is a decentralized exchange aggregator that many people were airdrop hunting and even though they just hit record high use and volume, after dropping their PSP token a lot of people even said Paraswap is a SCAM?! VoskCoin subscribers learn more and thus learn more!

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A lot of people were excited for Paraswap to finally release a token, I’ve been using Paraswap for a long time, on and off, few trades here and there to support another Decentralized Exchange aggregator and also hopefully become eligible for their airdrop should they launch a token like Uniswap and Sushiswap did. Most crypto traders felt scammed when Paraswap determined they were not eligible for the Paraswap PSP airdrop but lets review Paraswap, how to use Paraswap, what is the PSP crypto token, and review the fallout of their BAD crypto airdrop!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Paraswap a decentralized exchange aggregator
01:12 Trading BNB on the Paraswap DEX
02:33 How to make a trade with ETH on Paraswap?
03:22 Exchanging Matic for Wmatic on Paraswap
03:44 Making a trade with Avalanche C-Chain on Paraswap
04:50 Big Dog Metaverse
05:50 Paraswap psp token will make Paraswap more decentralized?
07:53 PSP Tokenomics
09:06 How to be eligible for Paraswap airdrop?
11:09 Potential Airdrop Incoming
12:30 Mobile Coin
14:35 Paraswap is looking for every detail for this airdrop!
16:59 What DEX I am going to use in the Future?
18:13 Upcoming Airdrops!!
19:02 Conclusion what projects should We be looking for?

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Paraswap DEX Aggregator Review, Tutorial, and BAD AIRDROP?!