Parley labs, scam or legit?


Voskcoin should do a video on parley labs. Parley labs say they do refunds but for alot of us who have canceled our order and requested a refund it’s been close to 3 months for alot of people, a couple emails saying 15 business days, then 30 business days and now dead silence. Myself and I’m sure thousands of others could provide a more detailed timeline.

By the time the dust settles with Parley / Nebra their reputation will be beyond repair. A true dumpster of a company.

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I’d be emailing senscap too since they list them as a authorized retailer

This Parlay company is a scam. They sail nothing. We should inform the FBI or other authorities to stop this.

I think I saw somewhere customers were getting some orders? I ordered 2 units in April. Haven’t seen anything. Has anyone taken delivery?

I ordered a miner from them in April as well and haven’t gotten it, or the promised refund, yet.

Helium deploy just posted they have 50 bobcat units for 950 usd… just FYI as you consider the availability and supply v demand etc… it may be a while before you get yours… blah