Part time mining with my gaming rig?

Good day all ! I was wondering if it was worth it at all to mine part time while I work with my gaming rig… I started mining with Nicehash at first and then switched to Ethminer with ethermine pool but from what I understand you can’t get rewards before a certain threshold which I don’t think i’m gonna hit pretty soon only with one gpu … Any advices ? Is it worth it to mine with only one gpu (not even 24h/day since it’s my main pc) ? Any pool that pays faster ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I been doing the same thing ur I have maybe 3-4 full days at nicehash $ wise its like $23 but I’m around half way there to withdraw 0.00059814 I think u need 0.001000. My biggest fear now is with the cost of GPU’S do I want to drive my card that hard. I have a old amd desktop I want to use but can’t get a card for less the $500 and its only a 4GB card and I don’t think its able to use at nisehash.


Yeah same for me it was doing like 0.5 to 0.75$ a day so i would’ve been able to get the money after like 100 days cause you need 0.001 btc to withdraw… Since I don’t wanna screw ma graphics card over since its the only one i got and right now you can’t buy any…

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