Paul's? Gold vs Platinum?

Somebody dumb it down for me? Gold PSU’s vs Platinum? What’s the advantage of a platinum over a gold? Runs better? Lasts longer? Is there any difference at all?

Platinum is more efficient, drawing less wattage from the wall to produce the same values on the system. This was lifted from a bitcoin talk discussion about 1000 Gold Vs. Silver:

750W load - 88% PSU - 852W at wall
750W load - 90% PSU - 833W at wall
750W load - 92% PSU - 815W at wall
750W load - 94% PSU - 798W at wall



So in short, a better PSU cuts down the power at the wall.

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It wastes less electricity supplying power to the system. Less efficient ones tend to burn extra actual power from the wall. Better quality PSU’s should cost less in electricity bills while powering the same number of cards. Pretty relevant to mining where there are high loads constantly on :slight_smile:

Guess it’s a good thing I decided to fork over the cash for a platinum one then.

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