PegNet Mining and Future on Defi

Good day.

I want to find out what is everyone’s thoughts on PegNet and their LXRHash Algo. It has a really small 24h trading volume and a small Market Cap.

The benefit of it is that it is really easily minable which might be something that is mined in the background (my laptop has 8 threats and if I dedicated 6 of them with an i7-6820HQ), I get a Hashrate of 40 kH/s which is about 50-60 PEG a day. My current workflow on my laptop doesn’t require a lot of CPU power, so I can continue with my normal work without noticing the mining that is happening in the background. PS it isn’t profitable really if you just want to mine it for a return. That’s why my thoughts are just to keep it in the background of my normal works laptop which is something I would have done in any case.

Does anybody have any take on mining it and storing the coins in the hope of them going up in the future?