People paying way over MSRP for miners

Are they going to break even or no? I would like to hear Vosk’s take on this. If this was already discussed sorry. I do understand the market plays a part in the answer but I would like to know what people think. From what I understand a new miner should last for about 3 to 5 years. For a case study let’s say someone pays 18.5k for a CK6

Take a look at Even with the super high markup from re-sellers, most of these machines have an ROI of under a year. For your hypothetical, I wouldn’t buy it. A CK6 makes about $15.00 per day or roughly $5K per year, so you should be looking to pay $5k or less for that machine. There are other threads on here that talk about machine life. Typically, these machines last for a long time. I have several 4-year-old machines that are still running without a problem (aside from a couple of fans needing to be replaced over that time). What happens is that they become less and less profitable until it no longer makes sense to run them. However, that time frame will vary based on the electric rate where you live, the pool you mine with, and the current market conditions.


Remember any mining machine, whether it’s a GPU rig or an ASIC, it mines “volume” not “value”. I don’t look at how much USD equivalent I’m getting because that number will always be different everyday based on the crypto’s exchange rate. As long as the mining volume is steady. That being said most ASIC miners are priced high, yes. Like almost too high in any market. Just be sure to do some research. Getting a ROI within one years time is achievable and practical. Also the past 30 days haven’t been the best for Bitcoin so checking profitability data on websites isn’t going to look as enticing as it would’ve back in October of 2021


Hey I really appreciate this comment. I feel like this is great take on how to think about mining. :v:t4: