Phoenix miner help

Can someone please help me I can even pay to Facetime me and walk me thru this. I had phoenix miner running fine for days linked to Nanopool and my wallet perfectly fine. Now its giving me the hardest time ever.

When I run the batch file I get all sorts of errors now and my 3080 completely falls off going down to 0 mh/s… I’ve tired everything, re installing overdriver, Phoenix miner, drivers, bios flash. So I opened the application file last night and noticed it running smoothly but not a single share or hash was reported to nanopool all night.

Test the GPU to see if it functions as a video card. If it works correctly there, playing games and such, then try the Phoenix Miner version 5.5c with the latest Nvidia drivers … or higher. You may have corrupted the video driver. Re-install; without the geforce experience.

Start out with just the basic command line in the batch file, and build it from there. By basic, I mean the batch file calls the program, names the algorithm, the pool server url, then your address and password x. On a new line type pause. Save and run that.

It should keep any error messages on screen. If none, and it works, you can add other command line options as necessary. I like adding commands to start each GPU separately and to reboot if any GPU fails. I keep a shortcut to the batch file in the windows startup folder.

Hopefully you haven’t fried your GPU. You should definitely power limit this GPU using MSI afterburner. The 3080 memory and VRMS do not like heat.

Really appreciate the response sorry I never got back to you, I ended up figuring it out the next day. All I had to do was close orgin & steam, that was running in the background lol

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