Pi Network, phone mineable crypto

Wondering if anyone else had heard of the Pi network. It hasn’t hit mainnet yet, but is still mineable. I’ve been ‘mining’ (since there are no blocks to verify) for about a week now, and am wondering to get y’all’s opinion on it. It claims to be the only crypto that you can mine on your phone. It has lots of measures to make sure that the currency is distributed to each person, and no bots, aiding the decentralization aspect. If you want to check it out, go to http://minepi.com/dilton (includes my referral link, which I would be grateful if you used. :blush:)


So, its basically in Beta testing. It says you cant withdraw anything which is a red flag. It says it doesn’t use any resources from your phone whatsoever, and it even mines when you turn the app off. That is a HUGE red flag. Sounds to me like its more of a “download this app, so we can take any information off your phone whenever we want.” But that is just me. Since you can only run it on one device I would recommend using a phone that has ZERO of your personal information on it.

no way I was using this years ago if still in Beta with no withdraw that is crazy!

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That’s the main reason that I came here. I caught that as well, and it does look like a pyramid scheme, but for what? They can’t use my device resources if I have it closed, and have no personal info on this phone, which confused me, and led me to try it out.

So I see the hints of pyramid scheme with the friends and family security circle parts, sure.
Where I get lost is what is the point or purpose of Pi?

So I have an app, I have to click the lightning button every day…
Then I see something about a core node to be ran on a laptop…
Then invide friends and create a security circle…
But what would I use the app for? It mentions buying selling goods, like what ebay?

I’ve been mining Pi on my phone since February and have close to 8000 coins with 77 referrals. They are currently in Phase 2 of the project and you may sell your coins during Phase 3 of the project (late 2020/early 2021). Coingecko has a futures price listed here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/pi-network-iou

I anticipate mining at least 25,000 coins by the time Phase 3 launches. Crossing fingers they moon and I can upgrade my life. Time will tell.

What do you have to do to “mine” exactly?

Is this a passive income project or active participation?

I skimmed the whitepaper and FAQ so I have a very basic understanding of the roles.

I don’t know 77 people who would install an app on their phone nor have forum cred to get people to click a link - so how did you get so many in your circle?

I have also been looking at this project since March this year. We have five iPhones in our family so i try to get all of these enabled each day, between the five accounts have about 3k of Pi now.

I have also setup the Pi Node on Dell PowerEdge R410, Dual Hex Xeon Core, 24GB RAM, Windows Server 2019. Still waiting to see if i’m chosen to be Super Node / Node. This server also Mining XMR as well.

So not 100% passive? You have to click the button every day?

I also have a server with free resources and interested in passive nodes, masternodes, super nodes that I can run at home and not on a VPS (centralized and extra expense) or special hardware (ASIC, GPU)…

Anything to know about the node? Is that 100% passive?

Hi rml52,

Correct once every 24 hours you click option within the app to enable mining. Having more people in your circle provides you a bigger hash in time. For Example I have five people in my circle, the person that originally invited me and four other family members phones. If they mine too you also earn more Pi.

I have monitored phone, cpu, memory and battery time and have not seen any change, so the fact, its just go into application once a day and then click mine and see where the project goes is no brainer for me. I spend hours playing with my mining rigs and reading on new projects, updating miners with patches, windows updates, confirming that i’m mining most profitable coins and watch youtube videos to keep up to speed, this is no an issue for me.

I am IT Engineer, so i have load of servers at home, so idea of setting up another pc / server, bit of fun for me but yes to answer your question, they are asking for Windows 10, 16GB of ram, 8 core processor, stable internet connection, only things that have limited a few people is their ISP not allowing them to open ports, I use Virgin Media here over in the UK, I have static IP and 350MB Down and 45MB Up. There are plans in the future for Linux (VPS) but this is not ready yet. I put myself forward for consideration for Super Node / Node.

This basically setups a Docker Virtual Machine via Hyper-V Manager from there the Pi Node Application is allowed to deploy packages and run node testing apps, so far i only seen an application that tests my ports are open (Stellar-dummy)

If your interested, just search for Pi on IOS or Android. If you need an invite code mines is CDB2U (http://minepi.com/CDB2U) Once you have the application there is chat application which allows you talk to loads of other Pi Pioneers.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info…

So outside from family and friends, and forum blasting, is there anyway to build your circle?
I see where they say one per person and KYC in the future to prevent bots and abuse so someone like me without family or friends who would be willing to get involved (especially KYC) and not a forum blaster how can I get 5 to open the next level? Then obviously more than 5 to increase profits…

Some heavy node specs there. I have the resources and bandwidth so those wouldn’t necessarily be a problem… how does the node payouts compare with the app payouts?

Welp, I achieved 77 referrals basically by creating a website on Wix, which promoted the Pi Network (and included my referral links) and then found someone on Fiverr who was able to blast my Pi Network Blog Website with 25,000 visitors.

So most of my referrals came from there. I also post to a blog every couple of weeks on publish0x.com promoting Pi, with my referral links. I can usually get one or two people from each post.

I’ve been mining for a few months. Pi just switched to its phase 2 a month ago ahead of when they expected. Their white paper is a fascinating read. It’s an experiment to mine by creating a social circle of trusted friends rather than gpu power.

They are working out nodes now.

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What is the long term goal with the app?
Can someone do screenahots?
At some point is there going to be a task or agenda beside just checking in?

All i know is that this has been around a very long time and if you still cannot take out your earnings something is not right

If I’m correct, they just started putting nodes on the testnet. I think that it’s still being developed, I’ll give it until the end of the year. @MeatyMouse


As an update; I do constantly see new messages on the home screen, indicating that the project is still in development. I do believe in the project; because it is like Bitcoin. When it first came out very few people believed in it, because the concept was so new. I think that we may have a similar scenario with pi, and I don’t want to miss out on this one. (Again; if you want to mine, my referral link is minepi.com/dilton)

It is a different Social Experiment and they have now recently showing ads in the app for funding. Time will tell
I mine every few days as I just keep skipping the ‘Press the button’ job.
I Believe they will be successful one day.
You can try it out @MeatyMouse and use my refferal :innocent:
My referral link - minepi.com/RaptorsInc

I hope is working and we will withdrawing in dec.I joined in may.
but not many friends like and join to earn.:frowning:

I have joined with the code. Sounds like a interesting project.

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