PIVX masternode


Anybody experience with a pivx masternode ? or people setting up a pivx MN ?

After setting up a NRG masternode i am looking for more projects to support.

Thank you for your response.

Good day.

What kind of equipment did you use to set up the Masternode and software.

Excuse my ignorance but is it worth your effort to do a Masternode?


i use a vps - voltr.com

I think me might mean vultr.com - though apparently voltr.com is a French site, so not sure what they’re about :wink: I’ve also heard some good reviews on contabo.com as a cheap EU based hosting service.

If it’s worth it or not is another matter. I ran a masternode on a VPS briefly, before figuring out that it cost more than that coin’s MN provided in income. Granted, it wasn’t a PIVX node. If you are dropping the approximately $3,000 on the coins for one, it provides about a 9% yearly ROI - so, about $270 a year, if the price is stable. So, if your paying $120 a year to host one on Vultr, you’d still be making a profit, though a lot of it would be going to hosting fees.