Planning to start mining with one GPU?

Hi Everyone,

Pretty new to the crypto mining arena so sorry in advance for any dumb questions and response.

I am planning to buy a PC set up with one GPU for crypto mining.

I wanted to know if its really profitable and which GPU n setups would you suggest ?

Anybody doing mining in france is most welcome to describe their experience including the maintenance and electricity cost.

Thanks in advance for your response guys.


I am running a 1 GPU rig right now with a 5700 on it. It depends on your electric rate if it’s profitable or not, but it makes a little more than it costs normally, making a bit more now during the crazy run on crypto prices.

are the estimations on the site like nicehash or whattomine correct ? somewhat like the screenshot

Right now, yes. Though, the electric costs don’t take air conditioning/cooling costs into them. I’m making about $3-$6 a day, prior to electric costs. But, prices on crypto are pretty high, so it’s more than it was a few months ago, where it was usually around $1-$2 a day.

Sadly since I liquidated my mining and desktop system in late 2020 I have been mining with a Asus G14 (R9 4900 version) pretty simple to just buy a gaming laptop especially with all the hardware shortages and price hikes. The RTX2060 Max Q has been pushing out 13khs which is pretty sad but it is mining something…Oh yeah maybe look at a square trade warranty to go with it.